I am a postdoctoral researcher laboratory for brain simulation and exploration (SIMEXP) at Montreal Geriatrics Institute (CRIUGM), working with Prof Pierre Bellec. I completed my PhD at the University of York, UK, with Prof Jonny Smallwood.

My current research focuses on brain connectivity-based biomarker discovery through machine learning. I am passionate about data infrastructure and software engineering in scientific research. My open source contribution includes, but not limited to: neuroscience and machine learning software Nilearn, cca-zoo, and pydra workflow task pydra-fsl. You can also find me at brainhack events.

Find my full academic cv here.

When I am not doing research, I spend a lot of time optimising my Sunday roast recipe. I am a recreational Olympic weightlifter but never intended to compete. I am very passionate about bike commuting and following traffic rules. I like video games and TRPG.