Research topics

Interoceptive awareness and the functional brain

My work with Prof Critchley and Prof Garfinkle focuses on combining heartbeat variability with fMRI. I hope to use heart rate and fMRI to further explore ongoing thoughts and other cognitive aspects.

Heterogeneity of ongoing thought

My PhD thesis explored the patterns of functional whole-brain neural hierarchy and its relationship with ongoing thought and other high-level cognitive functions with sparse canonical correlation analysis. We found that at the whole-brain level, the attention and perception related regions are pivoting systems of directing cognitive resources during the ongoing experience.

My current research will continue to investigate the whole-brain patterns as a continuous gradient related to the ongoing thought. I will also take a closer look at the contribution of the attention and visual system in creating an internal mental state unrelated to the external world.

Open source practice in neuroscience

I have been using open source tools for my research. I contributed to a GIFTI data reading function in nibabel DOI. I am very good and project management and writing documentations. Please talk to me about how to work reproducibly.

Experiment boiler template with Psychopy

I have been working on an experiment boiler template based on PsychoPy. The core of this framework is the separation of experiment design and stimuli delivery to allow easy unit testing and data simulation. I have built many tasks in this way but have yet released a template. Working on that now.